PW 180 inlet copy

Plate Washing by Flexo Wash

Flexo Wash offers a variety of equipment for cleaning of plates.

The PW Plate Wash units are designed according to the type of printer and type of ink used. 

All models will wash the polymer plates within only a few minutes, and the unique design and function makes it extremely easy to use for the operators who save a lot of costly time when washing the plates.

The Plate Washers are made in Two Versions:
PW 92, 115 & 130: This PW Plate Wash machine from Flexo Wash is a fully automatic system that together with a conveyer belt makes the washing of plates easier than ever before.







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  • Safe and Easy Washing
  • Short Washing Time
  • Recirculation of Cleaning Liguid
  • No Wear or Tear on Plates
  • Minimal Maintenance

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