Tekstside top SL 2200 Sleeve Wash

Sleeve Washing by Flexo Wash

Flexo Wash offers a variety of equipment for cleaning of sleeves of all dimensions and types. The Sleeve Wash units will clean all types of rubber sleeves, laser-engraved print sleeves, plates mounted on sleeves etc. in only 5-10 minutes.


The unique technology combines the use of adequate cleaning liquid, brushes, high-pressure water and compressed air, which ensures a gentle and efficient cleaning of the sleeve, no matter which type of ink is used. Depending on the unit, it is possible to wash up to 6 sleeves simultaneously.


The Sleeves Washers are Made in Two Versions:


SL 2200: Is for cleaning of one sleeve. The sleeves are loaded horisontally.


SL 6V: Is for cleaning of up to 6 Sleeves simultaneously. The sleeves are loaded vertically.



 SL 2200




 SL 6V

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  • Quick and Gentle Wash Operation
  • No Liquid Inside of Sleeve
  • Minimum Labour Involved
  • Clean and Dry after a few Minutes
  • No Wear or Tear on Plates or Sleeves
  • Minimal Maintance

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  • SL4V at Amcor, Denmark

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